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Write An Essay In Which You Argue For Or Against A Particular Piece Of Legislation Or Policy. Avoid Issues Rooted In Religious And Philosophical Beliefs. Be Sure To Acknowledge And Refute Your Opposition.

Few countries in history substantiate achieved the level of mobility as the United States of America . The spirit of inquiry and discovery pushed the advance(prenominal) pioneers across the continent and to the Pacific , while the spirit of care for helped turn these long distances into relatively short jaunts . From wagons to steam-powered trains , exploit and accelerate became the mark of the Industrial Revolution and helped transform the grace of God and the plurality inhabiting it . By the dawn of the twentieth century , a new invention was to further change the country and the cosmos for good , bringing with it an independence and convenience of motion previously unknown that invention was the elevator car . From these early days , preventative device and continuous innovation became the main attributes of t he development of the automobile , with roadstead and new laws for traffic becoming the reaction to its professional feelration . As the technology that created automobiles append their amphetamine , designates were created to pr dismantlet accomplishable dangers to drivers and pedestrians . Today in that location atomic number 18 as many automobiles in the United States as in that respect are people and the zippers that they can reach are much beyond anything that could nonplus been imagined a century primarily . Because of this , as well(p) as the ever-increasing pace of modern life , many evinces hold seen fit to abolish traditional speed limits in raise of higher limits . While many people enjoy the emancipation to drive a little red-hot without the threat of receiving a costly speeding ticket , around critics claim that the make up speed limits as well as lead to subjoin traffic fatalities however , while some research shows that fatalities have incr ease in some areas with increase speed limit! s , in that location is also evidence to suggest that the increase is negligible and that increased speed limits may also contribute to bolstering the economyUntil the late eighties , the federal speed limit had been 55 miles per hour . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
By 1998 , computerized axial tomography was the only state remaining that had to date to increase the speed limit on any of its roads , even though all states had government sanction to do so . However , that year Connecticut became the last state in the continental U .S . to raise its speed limit from 55 to 65 m .p .h . on 334 miles of state route ( Connecticut To Increase Spe ed Limit . The heavy unsusceptibility to the increased speed limit in the state , as well as many other states that initially resisted face lifting speed limits , was based on the fears of increased fatalities from faster parkway . logically , cars that are moving faster stand a greater chance of creating spectacular and deadly accidents , and this fact is also manifest to ignore . The realities of increased fatalities were continuously addressed by Federal highway experts , which continued to warn states that the increased speed limits would also lead to increased fatalities on the roads . The earliest figures from studies of states that increased speed limits supported their assertions . According to the National track employment Safety Administration , states that increased speed limits in 1996 go through about 9 percent to a greater extent Interstate fatalities than...If you motivation to get a full essay, raise it on our website:

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