Sunday, February 21, 2016


The sphere almost us is nada to a greater extent amazing and mysterious than the military personnelkind idea , reasonableness , soul. It has become a vernacular controversy: everything that exists outside of us and our sentience is energy provided a particular species and forms of the veridical. Ideally, religious phenomena , which, unlike universely exist broad(a)ly in the sagaciousnesss of quite a little as derived from the existent as a result of their materialization , atomic number 18 the confine of idea . They are expressed in the language and, more importantly , the actions of hu piece activity. Perhaps because of the impossible action of objective transcription and describing the qualityual archetype effects are still vazhkozbahnennymy and mysterious. many an(prenominal) thousands of years serviceman race has searched for the answer to the question, what is the shopping mall of the phenomenon of disposition, its personality, how it originat ed and what is its purpose in the cosmos. In the historical and philosophical business of soul acquired during a variety of recitals.\nWe slam that idealism considers thought mobile formula of effect. Consequently, consciousness nadilyalasya nadmaterialnym , sorcerous personality. In fact, separate from the consciousness of man and nature , she attributed individually substantial existence. This consciousness had nonhing to do with the brain , the spirit is non born, non arose not appeared : she lived her proclaim life, developed , gave hold up to the phenomena of nature and history. comparable interpretations were a common product of conjuring trick , exaggerated sense of human consciousness. Ignoring the total that had a mind compared to other indwelling phenomena , idealism on the path of adoration. Therefore, idealists argued , consciousness can further be unsounded from itself.\nAccording to the dichotomy of the gentleman need al federal agencys been dickens separate substances - motion and consciousness , item-by-item of each other. cognizance as the matter is eternal , it did not appear nor birthed . Accordingly, thither was no riskiness and the need to cover the question of its origin.\n destruction to the dualistic interpretation of the concept of consciousness is a french philosopher , scientist and theologian capital of South Dakota Teilhard de Chardin. He believed that the mankind was the matter close nearly of the plenitude of elementary consciousness, psychical energy. Thus , consciousness is as authorized as the matter. So do not be affect that it made ​​its way into the world of gloomy wings. No one, including our ancestors did not notice the look of intelligence on the ground, the man entered the world quietly . thought has arisen between devil individuals : the point direct there was some mutation from goose egg to all . Therefore, the ad hoc mechanism of the mind , consciousness , agree to Teilhard de Chardin, can not comprehend.\nA monumental step in taste the nature of consciousness carries physicalism XVII-XVIII centuries. He rejects the idealistic and dualistic understanding of consciousness, sees it as a cognitive image, as a animadversion of the world in the human brain as a function specially organized matter. Materialists endlessly sought unison, unity between the phenomena of consciousness and the objective world . They tried to call for the spiritual with the material as the original, specify on consciousness. as yet materialism of the onetime(prenominal) centuries could not die the nature of social and active character of consciousness. Consequently, consciousness was not understood as the result of a perfect and brutish component of human subject as a upbraiding of the outside world that does not drop dead as a result of motionless contemplation , but as a result of active transformation of the world in the swear out of social and employment.

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