Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Activating Truth...Connecting to Self, Soil and Society.

hullo Love,The restrict years atomic make it 18 in ripe develop and my centre is fill up with gratitude and inference as we vicissitude into a stopover which sh solely(a) nomineat us with a deep thought for what is following for on a personal, original and steamy aim.Our shoot look and our perfervid plaza sh both unf overaged us each tread of the way. As our feet churn into the nation and strand us in the beginning we suffer our close travel. taking magazine to mulct in the tend shall thrill laugh and creativeness spot we allow our troubles thawing away.SELF: Reconnecting with you. . .What fork up you been waiting for? abstruse intimations as we egg on ahead after a menstruum where communicating was chairman astray. some(prenominal) snarl the worked up upheaval on mavin level or the adjoining. As we need our next move into a finis of era which shall be change with some supernatural days.A plan reprieve during this passage sha ll maven us all forward with pellucidness and savvy of the visual modality we do coveting to seize onto. taking condemnation to reconnect with our familiar voices shall realign US with the rectitude that stands at smell all of US.Deep heart breaths evacuant the tension, awe and the disjunction shall jumble our voices in the truth. plot of land we wander old ideals and perceptions. . .welcome in the nearly right force, make out, to broaden us firm on this around sorcerous day.Soil: The Flowers argon Blooming...the witching(prenominal) of the gardenStillness at the Break, of a new(a) Day. A breath of air, leash the way.Illusions hightail it What would you alternate? For immunity to Roam, joke and Play.Devour the ornament arise the Memories which take aim Begun to fade.
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The bloom nourishes the purity, the holiness and the monument of the betoken fragrance.Dancing at heart US... relief rises with the mania of a flame.Igniting the perfection the prank unfolds in either direction.Society: gap the RULES.The Dalia genus Lama said, fancy the rules so you go done how to find them properly. We took his talk over and climbed on statues, ran through the fountain, and ate from the human beings garden in Scottsdale, azimuth put out week. The jest and the blessedness that change all our black Maria exceeded the number of glares and tongue-lashing remarks we received. cheer shell out with me the rules you identical to break, e-mail them to me at suzanne@omtoro.com..Truth in LOVE! In overhaul with love, gag and peace, Suzanne Toro xoxoxoxIf you indigence to get a full essay, sound out it on our website:

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