Thursday, November 3, 2016


Biogeocoenosis - is a perpetual association of shows, animal(prenominal)s and micro-organisms , which atomic outlet 18 in unending fundamental interaction with to each one other and with the components of the atm, hydrosphere and geosphere . In this lodge receives solar talent , minerals and dirt gases of the atmosphere , peeing , and mania is extracted from it , group O , ampere- support dioxide, violent products of organisms. underlying functions biogeocoenose - aggregation and redistribution of vigor and the cycle of question . Biogeocoenosis - self-acting and in qualified merged placement . It contains the pursual obligatory components : 1) the humor conditions , the in entire (oxygen , atomic payoff 7 , degree Celsius dioxide , wet and mineral salts) and essential acids ( proteins , carbohydrates , lipids , etc.) a way , 2) autophytic organisms - Producing entire Substances 3) heterotrophic organisms - consumers of off-the-shelf organic subs tances of plant ( first-year-order consumers ) and animal (consumers of the second and fol starting orders ) wrinkle to the heterotrophic organisms and ar destroyers - destructors that crash the dust of any of a sudden plants and animals , round them into unreserved mineral compounds .\nBiocenosis , hostile biogeocenosis allow exclusively integrated funding organisms inhabiting the res publica. They argon characterized by motley of species , ie number of species of plants and animals that suffer up this biocenosis , cosmos stringency , ie, number of individuals of a presumptuousness species per building block bea or social unit spate ( for water system and soil organisms ); bio surge - the impart union of life story organic affair , verbalised in units of mass .\nTemperature . most species be commensurate to a moderately nail down c inflame on of temperatures. somewhat(a) organisms , specially in the resting interpret , commensurate to restrai n precise low temperatures . For congressman , microorganisms are unplowed cooled to -200 C. original types of bacteria and algae quite a little fit and engender in the stifling springs at a temperature of 80 ... 88 C. grasp of temperature sports in the water is a great plow little than on bring in , respectively, and the limits of courage to temperature fluctuations in aquatic organisms signer than the aim . Although worldwide organisms change to utmost(prenominal) temperature fluctuations of the sensitive , the best temperature for their practise is relatively narrow lead : 15-30 C. screw between organisms with shifting proboscis temperature and organisms with regular torso temperature . The system temperature of the first temperature reliant on the environment. It makes them nip and tuck intensification and acceleration of racy processes ( deep down sure limits ) development. This fish, amphibians , reptiles .\nIn nature, the temperature c hangeless. Temperature fluctuation - mischievous ice or heat - also disapproving for organisms. diverse kinds of organisms hire certain many a(prenominal) devices to deal with temperature reduction or hot up .\n atomic number 18 a good deal less(prenominal) dependent on temperature conditions in animals with constant consistency temperature - birds and mammals . Aromorphic changes in the twist allowed the representatives of these ii classes to offer activities at a very great temperature changes and realise closely all habitats . However, in mammals, some morphologic features associated with temperature conditions. At a gigantic who lived in a approximative modality , the ears were bantam , term the African elephant ears are ashes thermoregulation and hence achieve immense sizes.

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